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Frequently Asked Questions

Do unpaid taxes affect credit scores?

Although unpaid taxes might not directly impact your credit, they can lead you down a troubling path with serious adverse consequences and ramifications for your financial situation, such as hurting your credit scores. For example, did you know that state and federal tax authorities can place a lien on your credit report because of unpaid taxes? This is the same report that determines your credit score.

How do I know if I qualify for tax relief?

Remember that eligibility requirements or criteria vary depending on the specific tax relief program that you apply for. And only the IRS or a state comptroller has the authority to make that decision.
A company can figure out if you are eligible for tax debt relief, which is why you should work with a tax relief company that offers a free consultation.

How does tax relief work?

Tax relief allows you to break down your tax debt into payments or even lower the amount of tax that you pay to the government. Keep in mind that a team of tax experts and attorneys meet and investigate your specific tax situation in order to determine what major tax issues and complications you are facing and which tax relief solutions provide you with the best chances of success.
Tax relief may be available to various people and companies, though at times, it’s only available under particular circumstances. Common strategies are an installment agreement, requesting an offer in compromise, and penalty abatement.

Why should I work with a tax relief company instead of doing it myself?

It is no secret that facing the IRS all alone can be an overwhelming and daunting task. This is particularly true when you’ve substantial tax debt. Tax debt relief companies can help you settle your tax bill with the IRS for considerably less than you owe. Keep in mind that hiring a tax relief firm can help bring your tax issues and problems to their best resolution.
Here are a few reasons to hire a tax relief company than doing it yourself:
-Tax professionals and attorneys bring the hard-earned knowledge, strategic advice, and expertise of dealing with the IRS and tax issues for years.
-For most tax debtors, an offer in compromise (OIC) is not the ideal solution. Tax experts can develop a plan that’s best suited to your unique case.
-IRS auditors respect experienced tax specialists and are less inclined to question their claims.