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UPDATED 3/20/2024

Taxes can be a huge burden that can not only impact your financials but your health and wellbeing. Therefore, you must find the right tax relief company that can guide you out of the financial constraints.

To make it easy for you, we have reviewed one of the best companies when it comes to providing tax relief. The company is Tax Hardship and their years of expertise make them the best in their business. Let’s find out more about it in this article.

About Tax Hardship

The idea behind the company came from the brilliant mind of its current CEO and Enrolled agent at the United States Department of the Treasury Enrolled Agent, Arian Azimzadeh. He laid the foundation of the company back in 2012.

Since then, the company has been offering its top-notch services in tax relief to its clientele. With a wide range of expertise, the firm specializes in handling cases with the IRS and tax relief cases for businesses and individuals.

One of the things that Tax Hardship Center takes pride in is the A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau. This, along with many other accreditations, helps them to stand out in front of the other firms.

Pro and Cons

Like every company, there are multiple pros and cons of hiring Tax Hardship Center. Let’s go through all of them to have a better understanding:


Hiring Tax Hardship Center for dealing with your tax case can open up to you for a wide range of benefits. Here are a few of them:  

  • They offer a money-back guarantee in case you don’t get the services you need
  • Have a rating of A+ from the BBB (Better Business Bureau)
  • Provide a wide range of services, including tax relief and many more
  • Give a nationwide service through all of the 50 states
  • Have great testimonials from previous clients regarding their services.


There are some cons that the company has as well. However, list is   not   very long and the pros outweigh the cons:

  • Bit of uncertainty when it comes to pricing (lack of transparency) as per some customers
  • Limited knowledge since their expertise is of an EA and not a CPA

Requirements & Fees

Tax Hardship Center offers you a free consultation. By doing so, they can thoroughly assess your case and determine all the aspects that they need to focus on your case. Also, they can find out if you are an ideal candidate for tax relief services or not.

Once they figure that you are a good candidate, they can offer you multiple services as per the requirement of your case. The fees for their services start from $495. For all the services that you need, they will quote a specific amount for the particular service that you can choose to go for or not.

Important information

Types of Tax Relief Services & Terms

Relief Types

  • A+ BBB rated, for individuals & businesses
  • Accredited tax expert quidance at every step
  • 14-day money-back guarantee

Additional info

  • Committed to deliver best possible out come for every clients individual situation
  • Rational and personal process to help clients manage their tax return process

Minimum Tax Amount Owed

$ 10,000

Range of Fees

Starts at $495+


Tax Relief providers

Privacy & Security

Just like a tax relief company, Tax Hardship Center is firmly committed to providing complete security and privacy to their customer about their data. With a strong confidentiality policy, they give the taxpayers every right as per the state and federal government laws.

In addition, the clients have to respect the rights of the IRS examinations, inquiries, or the seizure of any property during the hearing process. The company will also adhere to all the IRS’s rights and can enforce them during the hearing process.

Furthermore, the IRS’s details or information about their clients(Taxpayers) will not be disclosed until they have their discretion. If any mismanagement leads to the disclosure of important data, the company will take complete action as per the law against the parties, such as employees’ part of revealing the information.

Customer Service

One of the main takeaways of the company’s services is their outstanding customer support service. Their experts tend to walk the customers through the entire process when dealing with the IRS.

They take all the measures to ensure that the clients get complete satisfaction by relieving their emotional and financial stress. The company maintains a 5-star rating across multiple platforms, confirming its strong customer support base.

When it comes to answering queries about pricing and expertise, the company responds quickly. They resolve all the issues and remove any concerns that the client has in their minds.

Final Conclusions

Overall, the company has many positive reviews across multiple platforms that establish its credibility as a good tax relief service provider. You can find a good rating of the company on the BBB. So, in a nutshell, Tax Hardship is an excellent company that is beneficial for you if you are looking for tax relief services.

With a wide range of services, you can get all the expertise from one place regarding your case. However, they can further improve their reputation by giving their customers a better insight into their pricing. Lack of transparency is a concern for some of Tax Hardship’s previous clients.


Reaching out to Tax Hardship Center is as simple as it gets. You can visit their website to send an email regarding your case. Also, you can contact them through the number below:

Phone: (877) 829-7099

Fax: (877) 829-0590

You can also connect with them through multiple social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+.

If you are a resident of Westlake Village, California, you can visit their office to get in touch with the representative face-to-face. Here is their office address:

Address: 30700 Russell Ranch Rd. Ste 250 Westlake Village, CA 91362


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