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Brandi M.

UPDATED 3/20/2024

IRS. One of the most feared organizations in the federal government.


We think it’s because the majority of people don’t know and don’t have enough experience dealing with the IRS. It’s uncharted territory for regular Americans. The only time when they need to explore the territory is when there’s something wrong with their taxes.

Taxes are one of the most important aspects of your finances no matter where you live in the world. It’s particularly true for the USA because the IRS will hold you accountable if you don’t settle things in time.

If the unfortunate thing happens to you, you need to gather all the support you can get. The best form of support, in this case, is a tax relief organization. We’re going to review one of them for you today, The Tax Resolvers.


The Tax Resolvers is a California-based tax relief professional organization that works closely with accountants, arbitrators, and tax professionals. The team specializes in IRS compliance with the sole motive of helping taxpayers in need.

The Tax Resolvers say on the website, “Don’t fight the IRS alone – our team of tax professionals are here to help”. And we agree. The IRS is something you can’t take on by yourself. It’s not because the IRS professionals are outlaws. It’s simply because you don’t know how the industry works.

That’s where companies like The Tax Resolvers come into play. It takes a simple yet effective 3-step approach to solve any tax issues for you. The steps are consultation, investigation, resolution.

With an A+ BBB Rating and accreditations from NATP, ABA, and Consumers Affairs, Tax Resolvers could be the only tax relief organization to help you out of the jam.

Pros and Cons

Not every tax relief company is going to be equally competent. Different organizations have different strengths and weaknesses and that’s how the industry works.

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of The Tax Resolvers.


Needless to say, the benefits of seeking help from The Tax Resolvers outweigh the cons by a fair margin. That’s why it made our list of the best tax relief companies in the US in the first place.

  • Offers free consultation
  • A huge team of specialists equipped with the know-how of how to settle tax debt
  • Offers a plethora of tax-related services
  • Multiple accreditations from the relevant organizations
  • Offers payment plans for the services


  • Doesn’t offer instant quotes before opting for service
  • Doesn’t operate in Minnesota and South Dakota

Requirements & Fees

To know the requirements of your needs with The Tax Resolvers, you first need to the consultation. Thankfully, the company offers free consultations to prospective clients. We really like this aspect because without discussing what happened, there’s no way to figure out a successful resolution plan.

As for the fees, there are no direct quotes offered on the website. But from what we’ve seen and heard from previous clients, the fee can start from $499 and may go up to a whopping $8,000 or even more! It all comes down to the severity of your tax debt and the means necessary to resolve them.

Important information

Types of Tax Relief Services & Terms

Relief Types

  • Free consultation
  • User-friendly cost structure
  • A+ Better Business Bureau certification

Additional info

  • User-friendly cost structure
  • Plenty of recognition

Minimum Tax Amount Owed

$ 7,000

Range of Fees

Starts at $499+


Tax Relief providers

Privacy & Security

Similar to any other reputed website, The Tax Resolvers has a very inclusive privacy policy. It’s outlined on the page by the same name.

According to the page, The Tax Resolvers will collect your communication data such as emails, texts, social media messages, and so on. It also collects customer data such as our name, date of birth, gender, telephone number, social media handles, and whatnot.

There are more fields for data collection such as user data, technical data, and marketing data. The privacy policy page clearly states that it might use the data to send relevant marketing materials your way.

The entire privacy paradigm is regulated under the California Civil Code Section 1798.83.

During the process of investigation and hearings, The Tax Resolvers will do everything in their power to protect your interests. It includes audit assistance, reduction of your back taxes, tax negotiations, stopping wage garnishments, penalty abatement, and so on.

Overall, Tax Resolvers has put in a very inclusive and effective plan to protect your privacy before, during, and after the tax relief process.

Customer Service

What good is a tax relief support company if you can’t reach them on time, right? That’s why The Tax Resolvers have put in an excellent customer support structure. For starters, you can call directly and talk to a tax professional at 800-935-6167.

Or, you can use the tailored experience on the website based on how much you owe the IRS in past taxes, what state you live in, and your detailed address. The Tax Resolvers will call you back for the consultation.

Final Thoughts

Just like there are plenty of people like you who’re struggling with taxes, there are plenty of tax relief companies trying to help them. The problem is, not all of them are competent enough to resolve all issues that may arise.

Thankfully, The Tax Resolvers is fully equipped with the personnel and the tools to handle tax preparation, tax negotiations, tax settlements, tax resolution, and everything that comes in-between.

Moreover, the accreditations from all major concerned organizations in the country further support its claim of being one of the safest tax relief companies around.


You already know how to reach out to The Tax Resolvers. You may visit the website by clicking the button below. Or, you may call them at:

Phone: (800) 935-6167

If you happen to live in the city of Goleta in CA, you can reach out to the corporate headquarters of The Tax Resolvers at 75 Aero Camino Suite 201, Goleta, CA 93117.


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